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Imatge pel curs Tècniques efectives de e-mail màrqueting a Girona Emprèn
Post to 20/11/2019
Girona Emprèn organizes the effective technical training of e-mail marketing to learn how to make and manage effective campaigns next Tuesday...
CD's en desús
Post to 20/11/2019
The Punt TIC- Biblioteca l'Escorxador de Sant Celoni makes a collection of books, CD'S and films in good condition to collaborate with the Marató de TV3 this year from November...
Taller: Microdonacions amb de NetSquared Barcelona
Post to 20/11/2019 | Event Date: Wednesday, 20/11/2019
NetSquared Barcelona organitza un meetup el dimecres 20 de novembre a les 19h a la Fundació Pascual Maragall per aprendre a fer servir...
Imatge del Congrés de Competències Digitals: Eines per a una ciutadania digital
Post to 19/11/2019
La UOC, el Departament de Polítiques Digitals i Administració Pública de la Generalitat de Catalunya, ACTICBarcelona Activa i Eurecat - Centre Tecnològic de Catalunya organitzen el...
Cartell del taller-debat  'Feminismes en línia: autoprotecció digital'
Post to 19/11/2019 | Event Date: Tuesday, 19/11/2019
The Espai Societat Oberta organizes a workshop-debate to fight against online violence to see women, learn and debate about digital self protection in a feminist...
Launch Event de la Technovation Girls Catalonia el 8 de novembre a l'Espai Bital de Barcelona
Post to 15/11/2019
L'Associació Espiral, Educación i Tecnología i Technovation Girls Catalonia, en col·laboració amb la Biblioteca Montserrat Abelló, conviden el 21 de novembre a les 17.45h a la Biblioteca Montserrat Abelló a la primera sessió sobre...
Simona Levi
Post to 12/11/2019 | Event Date: Thursday, 14/11/2019
How technology can improve citizen action in the fight against corruption and abuses? Simona Levi , a digital analyst, will talk about this subject at a masterclass in Cibernàrium on Thursday November 14 from...
El Cibernàrium fa 20 anys
Post to 11/11/2019 | Event Date: Wednesday, 20/11/2019
Cibernàrium , the technology and training center of Barcelona Activa, 20 years ago and on November 20 celebrates its anniversary with a festive day in the MediaTic space of Poble Nou in Barcelona.
Imatge per difondre els cursos per a entitats per millorar la presència a Internet
Post to 08/11/2019 | Event Date: Tuesday, 01/01/2019 to Friday, 20/12/2019
Colectic Ofereix   ofereix online training adreçades to individuals voluntàries i entitats de voluntariat amb l'objectiu de millorar the vostra presència i diffusió...
Imatge del congrés ITA-Barcelona 2019
Post to 06/11/2019
The ITA-Barcelona congress will be held from 27-28 November and aims to exchange knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of new forms of work and Social Digital Innovation in the 4th...
Imatge per difondre l'Smart City Expo 2019
Post to 04/11/2019
How can cities use co-creation to become more participative and open? The answer will be given to the 9th edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress, from 19-21 November at the Fira de Barcelona.
Imatge per difondre els cursos de noves tecnologies a l'Òmnia Marianao
Post to 04/11/2019
The Òmnia of the Marianao Foundation offers free courses on new technologies this November and December for everyone. Anyone interested can approach the point to request more information,...
Segell "Sóc smart" de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Post to 04/11/2019
Last September, the Generalitat of Catalonia launched the distinctive 'Soc Smart' . On November 21 , during the smashdown of the ...
Taller de muntatge d'una impressora 3D
Post to 31/10/2019
The Punt TIC Biblioteca Marc de Vilalba de Cardedeu organizes a workshop to start 3D design for young people between 12 and 20 years old on Wednesday, November 6.
Post to 31/10/2019 | Event Date: Thursday, 14/11/2019
Girona Starts with the collaboration of Codelearn , organizes a workshop aimed primarily at girls , to learn the basic operation...
Trobada territorial Girona a Blanes el dijous 10 d'octubre de 2019
Post to 28/10/2019
On Thursday, October 10th , dynamizers, promoters and other agents of the ICT Point Network of the territory, we were able to share experiences and generate synergies around digital social innovation , citizen participation and...
Imatge per difondre taller de programació musical amb Sonic PI a la Biblioteca Roca Umbert
Post to 28/10/2019
The Punt TIC Roca Umbert in Granollers starts a course to learn how to program live music with Sonic Pi with four intensive sessions of six...
Tallers de la tecnologia de la parla de Col·lectivaT
Post to 25/10/2019
Col·lectivaT organizes training sessions to deepen into the speech technologies and the effects of these new technologies in the linguistic field.
M4Social Day 2019
Post to 24/10/2019
The 2019 edition of M4Social Day will focus on the social impact of big data . It will be held in the morning of 18th November at the ...
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