Spain, the third world power in coworking spaces

Posted on 09/11/2016
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Coworking. Source: Coworking Spain

After the United States and Germany, Spain is the third state on coworking spaces. It has 1000 coworkings, the 50% in Barcelona and Madrid. It is information from the Survey on the State of Coworking in Spain in 2015.

The Survey on the State of Coworking in Spain in 2015 was conducted in coworking spaces listed in the directory Coworking Spain on a population of about 200 people, including managers and former managers of coworking spaces, coworkers working in these centers and freelancers who have never worked in a coworking space.

According to this document, coworking spaces occupy nearly 250,000 square meters in Spain. Some develop their tasks around 25,000 coworkers (2014 were just over 15,000) and the industry moves 10 million. Three cities account for 55% of coworking spaces: Barcelona (30%), Madrid (20%) and Valencia (5%).

People who develop their work in coworking spaces are called "coworkers" and the survey provides a "sketch" of the most common coworker: is male, 40 years old, is independent or freelance, and is architect, before working in a coworking space developed his professional work from home.

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