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Born CODEMOB, coding and mobile telecentres

Posted on 04/09/2015
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El Teb, amb Telecentre-Europe i Punt TIC
El Teb, amb Telecentre-Europe i Punt TIC

Four members of Telecentre-Europe: Interface3 , COMMET , telecentre and El Teb - member organization Punt TIC - along with Telecentre-Europe and the University of Dortmund , develop curricula to provide training on effective use and Coding mobile devices in education.

The new project is called CODEMOB and has the support of the European Union.

It is a job that will take 24 months and begins in October, through which will develop training material, especially adapted to the Telecentre and training centers. Also form groups of facilitators and trainers and training will be conducted directly with the public, so that the quality of materials and resources will be evaluated by participants finals. Having prepared the materials will be made available to all telecentres.

One of the first steps is to research both nationally and internationally on all pre-existing training materials, so that they can evaluate and reuse, if applicable.

From Catalonia, El Teb , in collaboration with the Punt TIC Network, sends a request to all those centers with training material available that is related, to get that done. Contact oficina.tecnica@punttic.cat you to send your contributions.