Test you level of computering and internet
Post to 07/01/2017
The Punt TIC of Ribera d'Ebre offers two courses to prepare for the test ACTIC: a basic level and a intermediate level.
Open Innovation at Girona Emprèn
Post to 12/12/2016
This December Girona Emprèn hosts various activities aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses. On the one hand, offers two ICT capsules, one about SEO and another one about marketing. On the other hand, the new trends and business cycle continous.
10,000 scholarships for learning how to program with Android
Post to 07/12/2016
The scholarships are for courses in introductory level (no previous knowledge required) and intermediate (requires one year of programming experience). Applications can be made until 18 December.
Fotograma d'un vídeo sobre ús de telèfons intel·ligents per a gent gran
Post to 09/11/2016
Cellphones will have no secrets for students over 55 years of the Punt TIC of Tremp. In late November, it will held two workshops: "How does your smartphone work" and "Communication via mobile: APPs and WhatsApp".
Post to 27/10/2016
The Civic Center Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona, offers workshops on 3D printing, robotics, mechanics... for both youth and adults. There are also some specific workshops for families. technology offers webinars to Catalan nonprofits
Post to 25/10/2016
The technological support is essential to ensure that the smallest nonprofit organizations can develop their task. offers them advice, training and the possibility of having a website. Now, in addition, it organizes a series of webinars around management tools, registration forms and...
The IOC will provide a course about 3D animation, gaming and interactive environments
Post to 20/10/2016
The Open Institute of Catalonia (Institut Obert de Catalunya - IOC), the center of distance learning at the Department of Education, will give a training course on 3D animations, games and interactive environments. It will be the second half of the 2016-2017 academic year and registration will be...
Course on legal issues for coworking managers
Post to 18/10/2016
In this course the managers of coworking spaces will know the main legal documents tehy should create at coworking space to ensure their peace and their community's.
Digital trainig in Biblioteca Roca Umbert of Granollers
Post to 18/10/2016
The libraries Roca Umbert and Can Pedrals of Granollers are developing their training program this semester. Some courses have already started, others will begin in late October and early November.
Post to 17/10/2016
It aims to promote training in programming and robotics since the early stage of education, to create opportunities for children and their future careers.


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