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What is digital social innovation? The expert and Respond (2/2)

Posted on 12/07/2016
icona de so
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Here is the second battery of interviews on the concept of Social Innovation Digital few days ago that we made ​​during the first meeting of the Regional Agents for Social Innovation Digital. Up to thirty representatives of public administration, private companies, universities, social organizations or FabLabs gathered at this meeting, in which the head of the Directorate General for Economic Development, Competition and Regulation, Tatiana Fernandez was told attendees at the research and innovation strategy for smart specialization of Catalonia is being promoted by the Department of the Vice President, Finance of the Government. In addition, it created a space for reflection in developing future actions together and share the opportunities and risks faced every day with these projects.

You can see the first round of interviews with the participants at this link .

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