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Sessió de robòtica educativa a la Jornada Punt TIC i presó 2019
Post to 27/01/2020
Do you want to encourage students to participate in international technological and scientific competitions ? The Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration opens a bag of financial aid to encourage students to participate in...
Activitats al Punt Òmnia TIC Casal Cívic Sant Roc
Post to 16/12/2019
The Point Òmnia- TIC Casal Cívic Sant Roc on Friday, December 13, in collaboration with the ...
Imatge per difondre activitats dels punt TIC sobre programació i robòtica educativa
Post to 14/10/2019
Taller d'iniciació a la robòtica educativa a la Fundació Akwaba
Post to 23/07/2019
The Punt Òmnia has made during the spring months an initiation project to the educational robotics for adults and...
X Jornada Punt TIC i presó: Activant espais d'aprenentatge i creació
Post to 24/05/2019
As we announced, on June 4 we celebrate the X Jornada Punt TIC i Presó: LABoratoris: activating learning and creation spaces , which this year puts emphasis on the methodological...
8th ScratchEd Meetup Barcelona
| Event Date: 20/01/2018
Post to 15/01/2018 | Event Date: 20/01/2018
The next meeting of the Scratch educational community in Barcelona will be Saturday January 20, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the Punt Multimèdia of the Casa del Mig in the Sants district of Barcelona.
Students and teacher coding with Lego
Post to 10/01/2018
This questionnaire is intended to gather the opinion of teachers and professors who work on robotics, programming and computational thinking in the classroom. The information will be used to prepare a report on the state of teaching of these abilities and disciplines in Spain.
Educational robotics and mobile devices workshops, in the Òmnia PES La Mina
Post to 08/01/2018
The Òmnia PES La Mina from Sant Adrià de Besòs offers from January to March educational robotics and mobile devices workshops to...
RoboCAT 2018
Post to 09/11/2017
The 2018 Catalonia Robotics Championship will start with the Barcelona tournament on April 7 and will end with the Grand Final on May 5 in Platja d'Aro. The registration period is already open.
Post to 09/10/2017
The Secretariat of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and the Digital Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya, within the framework of the program, organizes programming and educational robotics course aimed at instructors and e-facilitators who want to introduce these disciplines into...
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