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Coding workshop with Scratch
Post to 24/05/2017
During the months of May and June the Punt TIC e-centre Tremp will conduct two workshops related with coding. One of Scratch, in collaboration with primary schools, and other about apps and coding aimed at young people.
Desafío STEM
Post to 23/05/2017
Educación Telefónica Digital has launched the competition "STEM Challenge", which seeks to promote the technology among young students and make the classroom become a new technological environment. Teachers can participate with groups of students. They may submit projects until 30 June.
Cover page of the report "What next for digital social innovation?"
Post to 22/05/2017
That is what says the report "What next for digital social innovation?". It maps the projects and organizations using technology to tackle social challenges across Europe. It also explores the barriers to the growth of digital social innovation.
Coworking space
Post to 19/05/2017
The blog Worktel tells us about the predominant trends that apply to coworking spaces throughout the 2017.
2.0 Conferences: The Maker movement and Ateneus de Fabricació Digital
Post to 19/05/2017 | Event Date: Thursday, 25/05/2017
The conference will focus in the maker movement and will present the Ateneus de Fabricació Digital of Barcelona. Will take place on Thursday 25 May at 7 pm.
WSIS Forum 2017 photo contest
Post to 18/05/2017
World Summit on the Information Society Forum (WSIS) organizes a photo contest and encourages citizens to participate with images that reflect how "people and organizations that are leveraging the power of ICTs to make difference". Works can be submitted until 22 May.
Educational robotics in Fundación Esplai
Post to 16/05/2017
The webinar will start broadcasting at 11.00 am and will be led by Gabriel González from Fundación Esplai. In the afternoon, there will be a virtual meeting of telecentres.
Senior winners in the Technovation final of Barcelona
Post to 15/05/2017
6 and 12 May took place in the Technovation Challenge finals in Madrid and Barcelona. Winning teams have obtained passes to the international semifinal where their digital entrepreneurship projects to improve society's needs will be evaluated by an international jury.
Subsidies to incorporate technology products and services in Catalan
Post to 15/05/2017
The aim of this grant is to promote actions aimed at the incorporation of the Catalan language and the Catalan sign language in technology products and services (applications for mobile devices, video games, software...). The deadline for applications is 22 May.
Girls in ICT Day
Post to 12/05/2017
Through the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, the European Commission encourages companies and organizations to carry out activities to promote ICT skills among girls and women and encourage them to choose studies related technology.
Workshop on responsible and ethical consumption
Post to 11/05/2017
Sant Feliu de Llobregat is part of the Catalan network of Urban Lab, an initiative that puts the city as a territory of testing various initiatives. But the smart city also has its social part and "Social urban lab" is the space to experience with social initiatives. Thus, on 15 and 17 May the...
Meeting about social digital innovation
Post to 10/05/2017
On May 25 will take place in Barcelona the conference "The new paradigm of open science and innovation: challenges and opportunities for Catalonia". It is part of the workshops on the joint quadruple helix innovation system of Catalonia, which is part of the current debate is the European Union.
Meeting about social digital innovation
Post to 10/05/2017 | Event Date: Thursday, 25/05/2017
The meeting is part of the workshops on the joint quadruple helix innovation system of Catalonia, part of the current debate is the European Union.
Edcamp Rural in Verdú
Post to 08/05/2017 | Event Date: Saturday, 20/05/2017
An edcamp is an open meeting involving people interested in education in order to share learnings, knowledge, interests and passions. The movement was born in Philadelphia, USA, in 2010 and has spread worldwide. It has also come to Catalonia and various meetings are underway. On May 20 will take...
Noies al YOMO
Post to 05/05/2017
El projecte europeu Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils també aborda la perspectiva de gènere, a l'hora de dissenyar un nou model d'escola i d'aprenentatge col·laboratiu.
 Technovation Spain group photo
Post to 04/05/2017
The 2017 edition of Technovation Challenge is coming to an end. On 6 and 12 May, Barcelona and Madrid will host state finals. The winning teams will participate in the international semifinal. Since January, 370 girls, divided into 79 teams, received the support of 120 mentors to shape an...
Big Data will be the theme for the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2017
Post to 04/05/2017
May 17 is approaching and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has announced that the theme this year will focus on the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day: Big Data. Barcelona will host one of the events organized around the day: the roundtable "Big Data for big impact...
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD 2017) in Barcelona
Post to 03/05/2017 | Event Date: Wednesday, 17/05/2017
This year's World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD 2017) focuses on the potential of massive data or Big Data development and aim to convert data imperfect, incomplete and unstructured useful information. Barcelona will hold a panel discussion on this topic.
Ubuntu's Zesty Zapus
Post to 03/05/2017 | Event Date: Saturday, 13/05/2017
Zesty ZAPU is the new version of the operating system Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community of Catalonia is organizing a party to present it. Saturday will be May 13 in Barcelona. The Omnia Foundation Marianao, Casal dels Infants del Raval and Teb participate in a joint workshop on how to organize...
Programa Conference: IX Conference of Education Coding and Robotics
Post to 02/05/2017 | Event Date: Saturday, 20/05/2017
On Saturday 20 May there will be the ninth edition of the Conference "Programa", dedicated to the exchange of learning experiences which use coding environments and educational robotics.
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