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Virtual Summer School of Espiral 2017
Post to 23/06/2017
There is still place in the courses of the Virtual Summer School Espiral. They are aimed at teachers and trainers and will develope online from 1 to 15 July.
Post to 21/06/2017
From the Employment and Training Service of the City of Vilafranca, the Punt TIC Vilafranca Virtual will start courses for preparing unemployed people interested in ACTIC accreditation of skills in the field of Information Technology and Communication.
Presentation of SOC
Post to 20/06/2017
The months of June and July, the Development Program of the Active Employment Policies (PDPO) and the Program 2017 of the SOC will be presented in different cties.
Summer camp of robotics and programming, in the Òmnia Martí Codolar
Post to 20/06/2017
The Òmnia Martí Codolar in Barcelona ​​encourages young people to take advantage of the summer to learn how to build and program robots. Organizes a free summer camp aimed at young people between 16 and 21 years, which will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 27 June to 20 July.
Firts Innovation Camp of CatLabs
Post to 19/06/2017
The 6, 7 and 8 June Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme hosted the First Innovation Camp of CatLabs. It involved various actors that make social digital innovation in Catalonia and they discussed how to involve citizens in the innovation system.
Mobility Ideathon of SmartCAT Challenge
Post to 19/06/2017 | Event Date: Saturday, 01/07/2017
Since June 9, is active a new edition of the SmartCAT Challenge. An ideathon about the challenges of social inclusion gave the starting signal. On July 1 there will be another one, this time on the challenges of mobility.
Summer workshops in Òmnia PES La Mina
Post to 16/06/2017
From 26 June to 21 July, the Òmnia PES La Mina, Sant Adrià del Besos, launches its summer program. It includes an "Open Space" from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 to 12:00 hours and workshops.
Inphografic sbout the support of Google to Europe Code Week 2016
Post to 15/06/2017
It offers grants of up to € 2,500 for organizations that want to do educational activities in the framework of Europe Code Week 2017, that will take place from 7 to 22 October.
Coworking Day COWOCAT 2016 in Móra d'Ebre
Post to 15/06/2017 | Event Date: Thursday, 29/06/2017
Coworking Day COWOCAT this year collaborates with the European project Coworkmed and is held together with the regional workshop of this project. Thus, it will count with the participation of project partners from Catalonia, France, Italy, Greece and Croatia. It will be held on Thursday 29th June...
Campus Júnior UPF
Post to 14/06/2017 | Event Date:
Monday, 10/07/2017 to Friday, 14/07/2017
This is a course aimed exclusively at women, in order to awaken their interest in data science. It will be held from 10 to 14 July, at the Poblenou Campus of the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
YoMo Barcelona
Post to 14/06/2017
The festival YoMo Barcelona 2018, which aims to motivate youth to continue their education in the STEAM disciplines, has a date (26 February to 1 March) and now seeks organizations that want to develop activities there. It may submit proposals until 30 June 2017.
Drupal Summer Barcelona
Post to 13/06/2017 | Event Date:
Thursday, 29/06/2017 to Sunday, 02/07/2017
0, Drupal user group in Catalan, organizes from June 29 to July 2 Drupal Summer Barcelona. Developers, designers and Drupal users may participate in sessions, sprints, training and social activities.
Summer #OpenData Week
Post to 13/06/2017 | Event Date:
Tuesday, 11/07/2017 to Thursday, 13/07/2017
11, 12 and 13 July, Citilab will held the Summer #OpenData Week, a proposal of the Barcelona Open Data Initiative that includes various activities to bring the open data to the public and businesses.
Jordi Rodríguez, dinamitzador de l'Òmnia Campclar, a la Jornada Punt TIC i Presó 2017
Post to 12/06/2017
On 7 June, more than 70 professionals of prisons and the Punt TIC Network met in Barcelona to share, learn and... play a little! We offer you a collection of tweets and photos of the VIII Conference Punt TIC i Presó.
ACTIC logo
Post to 12/06/2017
Many telecentres teach rainings to help citizens prepare the ACTIC acreditation. They want to help you spread these courses in their webpage!
Post to 09/06/2017 | Event Date:
Friday, 07/07/2017 to Saturday, 08/07/2017
On 7 and 8 July, the School of Public Administration of Catalonia will hold a meeting to share ideas of digital tools that respond to social challenges using open data.
2.0 Conference: Robots and people, which leads into technology?
Post to 09/06/2017 | Event Date: Thursday, 15/06/2017
The fifth season of the Jornades 2.0 of Valls arrives at a final conference on artificial intelligence.
Biblioteca Montserrat Roig
Post to 09/06/2017
It is located in the Library Montserrat Roig, which opens on June 10, and the activity of courses offered by the program Sant Feliu Innova in the Punt TIC Palau Falguera will move to this new equipment.
Training program for digital entrepreneurship, at TecnoCampus
Post to 06/06/2017
During the month of June, the TecnoCampus Mataró will host different workshops aimed at entrepreneurs who have a digital business idea. You may register for one or more than one sessions, or you can realize the full itinerary.
Course "Create your web site with a content management system"
Post to 06/06/2017 | Event Date:
Wednesday, 28/06/2017 to Friday, 28/07/2017
From 28 June to 28 July, the Open University of Catalonia offers an online course on content management. The participants will become familiar with these tools and learn to use them.
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