Imatge sobre ètica i robòtica
Post to 16/05/2019
Festibity is a celebration around ICT and a benchmark in the sector that brings together more than 600 professionals and experts in the world of information technologies. Organized by the Faculty of Computer Science of...
Poster to disseminate the talk on sexuality and education in the Òmnia de la Seu d'Urgell
Post to 15/05/2019
On Thursday, May 23 will take place the conference 'Accompaniment on sexuality in childhood' , an activity of the Òmnia Kids project of the ICT Point of the Seu d'Urgell sponsored by Games Without Borders .
Festival literari Dones i Cultura a l'Òmnia CPS Francesc Palau
Post to 03/05/2019
The "Francesc Palau" Social Promotion Center celebrates a literary festival to show the relevance of women to the cultural world. The event will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 5.30 pm at the Auditori del...
Persones dinamitzadores a la trobada territorial de Ripoll
Post to 17/04/2019
The ICT Point of Sant Feliu de Llobregat will host the fourth meeting, which will take place in the morning. The objective is that the dynamic people and other agents of the ICT Point Network throughout the territory can share experiences and generate synergies around...
Participants en la JdIS 2017
Post to 10/08/2018
'We will prepare the network for new challenges' will be the motto of the Day of facilitation of the Social Internet 2018. It will take place on Thursday, September 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at...
Girls participating in the Barcelona Regional Pitch 2018
Post to 22/05/2018
Saturday 19th of May has been the great day of the Challenge Technovation 2018 in Catalonia. The Campus of the Citadel of Pompeu Fabra University has hosted the Barcelona Regional Pitch...
Photo during the assembly
Post to 18/05/2018
It has been approved in the general assembly held in Brussels on May 8 and 9 and has brought together members of the network throughout Europe. It has also been announced that the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018 will take place in Brussels on October 18 and 19. Barcelona welcomed the...
IX Jornada Punt TIC i Presó
Post to 14/05/2018
The 9th Punt TIC i Presó Conference will take place on June 6, at the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training (CEJFE), Barcelona. We will offer different journeis to...
Comunidad de Redes de Telecentros will celebrate the Internet Day
Post to 10/05/2018
The Association of Telecentre Networks organizes webinars on different topics in the framework of Internet Day, which is celebrated on May 17th around the world....


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