Group photo from TEAC 2016
Post to 05/07/2017
It is the annual meeting of the ALL DIGITAL community (formerly Telecentre-Europe) and will bring together leading networks and organizations working to improve the digital skills of citizens, with the aim of sharing and learning from each other. People involved in the Punt TIC Network are invited...
Presentation of SOC
Post to 20/06/2017
The months of June and July, the Development Program of the Active Employment Policies (PDPO) and the Program 2017 of the SOC will be presented in different cties.
Jordi Rodríguez, dinamitzador de l'Òmnia Campclar, a la Jornada Punt TIC i Presó 2017
Post to 12/06/2017
On 7 June, more than 70 professionals of prisons and the Punt TIC Network met in Barcelona to share, learn and... play a little! We offer you a collection of tweets and photos of the VIII Conference Punt TIC i Presó.
Testeig Campus Innovació
Post to 24/05/2017
The next 6th, 7th and 8th June will be the field of innovation, a meeting to discuss setting processes joint quadruple helix and entrepreneur
Educational robotics in Fundación Esplai
Post to 16/05/2017
The webinar will start broadcasting at 11.00 am and will be led by Gabriel González from Fundación Esplai. In the afternoon, there will be a virtual meeting of telecentres.
Meeting about social digital innovation
Post to 10/05/2017
On May 25 will take place in Barcelona the conference "The new paradigm of open science and innovation: challenges and opportunities for Catalonia". It is part of the workshops on the joint quadruple helix innovation system of Catalonia, which is part of the current debate is the European Union.
 Technovation Spain group photo
Post to 04/05/2017
The 2017 edition of Technovation Challenge is coming to an end. On 6 and 12 May, Barcelona and Madrid will host state finals. The winning teams will participate in the international semifinal. Since January, 370 girls, divided into 79 teams, received the support of 120 mentors to shape an...
Presentació CatLab Barcelona
Post to 18/04/2017
Here is the second installment of video presentations program CatLab agents of innovation in the region.
Linda Liukas, programadora i escriptora infantil
Post to 13/04/2017
The programmer, writer and creator of children "Hello Ruby," Linda Liukas, give a hand to groups of girls participating in Technovation Challenge. It will be within STEAMConf Barcelona in 2017, where he participated as a speaker.
The IMO Lleida will participate in the Employment and Training Expo
Post to 11/04/2017
The Employment and Training Expo will be held in Lleida from 20 to 22 April. The Municipal Institute for Employment Salvador Seguí is involved with various activities, including a series of workshops organized by their two Punt TIC.


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