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The ColorLab department of the School of Design in Sabadell, is responsible for proposing what colors will trend in fashion textiles. To do so previously performed an exhaustive analysis of any c
UnLtd Spain calls
Specifically, it seeks innovative projects in growth phase that generate social impact in the fields of health, sustainable cities and agribusiness. The selected projects will receive tutoring, counseling, training and access to funding.
"Profesionales Digitales Empleo Joven" program
Tuesday, 14 February, the Secretaryship of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society will host an information session about the program "Digital Professionals Youth Employment", which is worth 20 million euros in grants to organizations that develop integrated employment in ICT and the...
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Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils is a European project, developed between 2015 and 2017, to reinvent the concept of school, incorporating new tea
On January 30, opens the periode to participate in the Award Espiral Edublogs 2017
On January 30, opens the periode to participate in the Award Espiral Edublogs 2017, aimed at professionals in the field of education. This year is not limited to blogging and want to give visibility to all good practices based on digital tools. This change is reflected in the categories of the...
Logotip of Hack the School
Rethinking educational spaces is the beginning of a deeper change. With this conviction, the Jaume Bofill Foundation encourages schools around Catalonia to join the initiative Hack the School. The period for submitting proposals it will end on February 1.
Barometer of the Technology Sector in Catalonia 2017
It is a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative study that analyzes prospective trends in the technology sector.
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Since 2015, the Government of Catalonia, through the Ministry of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society participates in the project Collabor...
The team behind edcamp Catalonia in the meeting that took place in Girona the 26 Novembre 2016
An edcamp is an open meeting involving people interested in education in order to share learnings, knowledge, interests and passions. The movement was born in Philadelphia, USA, in 2010 and has spread worldwide. It has also come to Catalonia and there are scheduled meetings in the coming months.
Woman working with a computer
It is a recognition that highlights a woman leader in the development and transformation of society through work in the field of social innovation, technology and communication.


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