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A vision of the youth about diversity in the neighborhood

Posted on 07/06/2019
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Imatge de la exposició «La Salut, diversitat al barri»
Imatge de la exposició «La Salut, diversitat al barri», for Xarxa Òmnia. 2019. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The Punt Òmnia la Betsaida in Badalona has made a photographic exhibition with the young people of the territory to know what they think of their neighborhood.

The creative process has been carried out in the Health district with the 4th ESO students of the Enric Borràs Institute in Badalona, in which 15 young people have participated.

During the group and individual sessions , the young people came out on the street and treated various creative questions to choose the best images of those places in their neighborhood that had more sensations. The Nomad La Betsaida has been accompanied throughout the process, using the camera to the final production phase and has had the collaboration of the Casal Cívic Badalona - Salut Alta and the Torre Mena Civic Center.

The result of the process has materialized in the exhibition "Health, diversity in the neighborhood" consisting of 22 photographs that have been exhibited for several weeks in the lobby of the institute and later it is traveling in different spaces of the neighborhood so that the neighbors can see it and learn about the vision that young people have of the Health.

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