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Opened the candidatures for the Prizes of the Night of Telecommunications and Computing

Posted on 02/12/2019
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Guardó del Premi d'Honor de la 25a edició de la “Nit de les Telecomunicacions i la Informàtica”
Guardó del Premi d'Honor de la 25a edició de la “Nit de les Telecomunicacions i la Informàtica”, for Premis Nit de les Telecomunicacions i la Informàtica. 2018. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

Until January 8, 2020 , the 25th edition of the "Night of Telecommunications and Computing", the event of reference in the ICT sector in Catalonia, can be submitted .

This meeting, which will take place on February 17, 2020 , aims to be the starting point for activities and the first networking meeting of the year between professionals, companies, public administration, associations and institutions in the ICT sector.

The Night of telecommunications and IT is the pioneering institutional act of reference in the Telecommunications and Information Technology sector held in Barcelona since 1995. It is organized jointly by the Catalan Association of Telecommunication Engineers (Telecos.cat) and the Official School of Computer Engineering of Catalonia (COEINF) .

A jury of professionals from the prestigious ICT sector and representatives from both organizing entities will select the awards in the seven award categories, which are the following:

Prize Salvà i Campillo to the Outstanding Personality

Distinguishes the public or private personality (institution or person) that has contributed significantly to the promotion or dissemination of Electronics , Information Technology and Communication or Audiovisual in the national or international field.

Prize Salvà i Campillo in Entrepreneurship

It recognizes a person's ability to start up an innovative business initiative in Catalonia in the field of Electronics, Information Technology and Communication, Audiovisual or that is based mainly on the " use of ICT, created in the last 5 years.

Prize Joan Clarke to the CIO Outstanding

Recognition to the CIO (Chief Information Officer / Chief Innovation Officer) who has stood out for his professional work in the state field during the last years . The status of CIO will be indispensable in the body where it performs its activity, not only limited to information systems management tasks, but also in the development of tasks of technological strategy, digital transformation of the company and promotion of the innovation

Alan Turing Award for Social Commitment

It recognizes the institution or the driving force of an innovative initiative or project in the field of ICT , with a positive social impact, which contributes value to society in the fields of citizenship, the environment, education, culture or social integration in Catalonia.

Award to the Communication and Dissemination of ICT

It recognizes the media (radio, television, press or Internet) of national or international scope, which has stood out for its communication and dissemination of ICT . The prize can be awarded to a global communication medium, a specific space, or a specific section.

Prize of Honor

It distinguishes the public or private personality (institution or person) with a broad and outstanding professional career related to Electronics, Information Technology and Communication or Audiovisual in the technical, academic, business or institutional field within the " State

To present, you must consult the bases of the call and fill out this form .

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