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An appointment with the best professionals in the software industry

Posted on 23/07/2019
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Imatge per a difondre el Full Stack Fest 2019
Imatge per a difondre el Full Stack Fest 2019, for Pexels. 2019. Licence: BY-SA

From 3 to 6 September, celebrates the 5th edition of Sitges Full Stack Fest, a three day fair which will bring together the best and the leaders of the emerging technology scene.

The Melià Sitges Hotel will host a new edition of the Full Stack Fest, an event where developers from all over the world will meet to learn, discuss and experiment on infrastructures, artificial intelligence and software ethics.

The three-year program, made up of workshops and conferences, will investigate the latest advances, innovations and changing trends in technology, as well as perspectives and inspirational voices from leading industry and academic technologists.

The workshops will take place on Thursday, September 3 from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 pm. with the following program:

In this workshop, you will learn to become self-sufficient for the entire execution process from concept to design to implementation.

This workshop is ideal for those who want to execute better the creation of complex and beautiful frontend experiences.

This course is designed to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework quickly, and then explore the operational challenges with the execution of a server-free architecture in production and emerging patterns and practices to address them.

For more information on tickets and accreditations, you need to consult this link .

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